Collection: Meyer Brothers Collection

Author: Heinrich Meyer


Caroline Meyer

Emanuel Meyer

Description: Letter from Heinrich Meyer to Emanuel Meyer and Caroline Meyer, November 20, 1860.

Heinrich Meyer to Emanuel Meyer and Caroline Meyer, November 20, 1860

English Text

Lachen, November 20, 1860 Dear Children, 
It is with joy that we take pen in hand to write to you to let you know about our well-being, which we also hope is the case with you. We received your letter of August 1st and see from it that things are going well for you and that you, dear sister, like it very much, which makes us very happy. We were also very happy that our brother is providing so well for you and that he will soon start a business. Dear brother Maier, since it has already been 4 months since we received a letter from you two, and since you wrote us that you wanted to send us some money, that made us very happy. Since 4 months have gone by, however, and we haven’t received the money, now there is nothing left [to do] except remind you once again to keep your promise. And since it is now time that it has to be paid, because St. Martin’s Day is over. We have already paid 6 Fl [florins] interest. Sister knows after all that we borrowed the money in Maikammer and it has to be paid back as soon as possible. You wrote us if Karolina is in America you want to [intend to] send money for her. Dear brother and sister [...] I don’t knownanything to write except that business is now bad and so I remain hopeful. Your brother, Heinrich Mayer [page 2:] Per Steamer via Liverpool Mr. Abraham Levy Bayou Sara in the state of Louisiana North America please give to Emanual Mayer 
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