Collection: Dobberpuhl Family Letters

Author: C.J. Gottlieb Klug

Recipient: Carl Christian Dobberpuhl

Description: Letter from C.J. Gottlieb Klug to Carl Christian Dobberpuhl, April 29, 1846.

C.J. Gottlieb Klug to Carl Christian Dobberpuhl, April 29, 1846

English Text

The Trinity God., Father, Son and Holy Ghost be with us in these and every undertaking and lead our mind with his holy advice and God’s desire, Amen, Amen. In God’s mercy dear friends, brother-in-law, sister and children, and dear family friends, we wish, that God willing, we are all together with these few words in holy bodily health will reach you, preferably in the new living accommodations that through God’s glory and the neighborly love provided in living religion. The last is often through the present prosperity stopped and forgotten, we see so much of that in our every day living and in the Bible when we see how easy it is, even Adam let temptation take them from the good to the bad and withstand with other pleasures this goes for rich and poor, men and women, old and young, masculine and feminine population therefore let us with the wise Solomen I beg you not to do it to me before I die. Solomon 30: Verses 7-9.

Now dear brother-in-law Dobberphul, other news we have made out of your letter of Jan. 30, NY and Gottlieb Shultz from the 23 Dec. NY we see that you. have bought and sold which is all necessary in man’s living and without these things we, as well as you, can not do without. As long as we do it the way our lord Jesus Christ and our Holy Luther in the explanation of the Catechism teaches. Can you pray while you are working? Yes, when you start your work with prayer bring the same God in your eyes and in vour mind and thoughts direct to Him and after the work is done pray again.

This should be our constant effort an all our business, that we pray, and beg with all our heart to the Father for wisdom, and grace in all undertakings and beginnings, future and ending.

Dear friends, of earthly well-being, we can not write much news. We still live until Now in our same living quarters that we were in when you left here. I still preform my old teaching service in my father’s house. Brother Wilhelm is still in Trestin with his second wife and one child from her. Wilhelm and Johann are still alive and well. Tanken still live in Wittenfelde in [?] house. Johann spent last winter with Preacher Wittenfelde for instructions for school teaching.

My wife gave birth to a well-formed son on June 24, 1844 Al the Holy baptism he received the name of Johann Friedrich Hermann. He is well and lively. Shortly after the birth of the child my wife’s breasts became very swollen so that they burst open. Again through God’s help and other methods they healed, but the swelling started again, and extended to her whole upper body and started to fester on her whole skin, and I found it necessary to call the doctor and beg him for advice. He said it was Dropsy. He ordered methods but they didn't help completely as the breasts became very sore. We started with the old methods again but they didn't heal right. This winter we started other methods again. It isn't altogether right yet, but she is pretty much recovered. Our brother-in-law Steinhöfel in Grambow died last year in the winter of cancer on the mouth that he already had when you were here. There were no medical ways to cure him. He died in he faith of his Lord Jesus Christ. and left his wife and three children and another son was born after his death. She is now a widow and 4 dependent children.

Dear brother-in-law and sister we are far apart but last winter I was real close to you. Once I dreamt two women asked if I had news from you? One said Dobberphul is sleeping. Then I said to myself it is only a short time. He has friends in America and he was so troubled. Then I told myself he didn't go for worldly pleasures, but went for Heavenly Pleasures. and if he has that, then he has enough.

So now we will all pray for one another that the Triune All Mighty God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost will keep us in his Holy Merciful bands in all our sufferings and that we true believers in the Triune God’s ways. We now see with our natural eyes, God’s loving Father goodness over our Fatherland. Last fall a lot of unbelieving people predicted that we would have very hard times this spring, especially with potatoes. In fall several places had very good crops, while in other places they rotted. But things turned out so different than we thought. This last winter was very mild so that we could easily protect the potatoes from the frost and now we have most beautiful spring that we have had in a long time.

We hope now that we will get a reply to this writing, would like to know if our dear bloodfriends and our dear sister is still living and how all of you are standing in your religion. We have had news from America that Preacher Kindermann and others have taken up false teachings and that you have left them. Let us know the truth.

My dear sister’s children “I, your old mother. Brother,” it is my duty in the name of Jesus Christ to beg and remind you, that you will show your parents, especially your stepmother the proper respect, even if at times they act queerly. Think of Joseph, who said How can I do such big wrong and sin against God. Beg and pray with me for strength in our faith. Then you and l have fulfilled our duty. Amen.

Now many thousand regards from me and my wife, Wilhelm from Trestin, and his wife and three children, Dorthea Muller, Tanken from Wittenfelde all three. The widow Steinhöfel and her children from Grambow, and all other good friends that I can’t all name many thousand regards. Your brothers and their whole families send their many regards and we wish you all the H.G. richest mercy and blessing. Adieu, live right, Martin his wife in [Brandemühl?] is always sickly and in poor health like my wife.

Starrz 29th of April 1846 C. J. Gottlieb Klug